Vintage Car Shipping Is Easy And Affordable

3 Nov 2011     

Vintage car shipping can seem like a troublesome process that is going to take you through the ringer in cost, but you must know that it can be very easy and even affordable. No matter the reason you have for shipping, it can be arranged in minutes, completed without worries and hassle, and can remain within your budget easily, especially with the use of a few resources online. Vintage vehicles are very valuable, so you would expect to pay a great deal to ship the vehicle, yet you may be … [Read more...]

Introduction To The World Of Classic Cars

3 Nov 2011     

The world of classic cars is vast and encompasses everything from the common station wagon to sports cars of a bygone era. Dozens of automakers have produced millions of cars in the last century. Though many production lines and automakers have ceased to exist there is still a strong nostalgia for the classic car. It is easy to access the world of classic cars. Firstly, there is a large online catalog of classics cars. If one is interested in a specific model or line of production all one has … [Read more...]

How To Value A Classic Car?

21 Oct 2011     

Typically, articles and publications that give details about how to value a classic car focus on six aspects: the exterior, mechanics, paint and glass, interior, engine, and authenticity. There are specific steps to take in order to get the right value of a classic vehicle. When inspecting the exterior, make note of any rust, gaps in the doors, or bulges in the sides. Any "sagging", weather seal cracks, or dents will lower the value of a classic car. Canvas top convertibles will also be older … [Read more...]

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