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We have a vision of saving all the classic cars in Dubai for generations who are yet to come. We do this by finding local classic cars, fixing them and then finding them new owners to care for them as much as we do. That way our children’s children will still be able to see classic cars in Dubai. Classic cars. Dubai’s perfect climate. Now that’s a marriage made in Heaven!

Nizar Madani is best described as Dubai’s number one expert in rare exotic cars. He grew up with a spanner in his pocket in Iraq, and was already helping his father in the garage daily by the age of nine. After he graduated in automobile engineering in London in 1987, he opened a business restoring old cars for a living that he sold out of his showroom. In response to demand from customers, he added a niche business arranging special German imports ahead of UK release dates.

With 20 years of automobile experience behind him, Nizar relocated to Dubai in 2000 where he opened a car showroom when these classic cars were still sought-after rarities. Business was good, and so he added the Audi-Volkswagen spares concession to his stable. Since 2007, he has diversified into Jeep modification and customization, and is often seen sharing happy times out in the desert with his customers and friends.

In 2010, Nizar started building a private collection of classic cars from the gradually decaying fleet still seeing out its days in Dubai. This personal obsession grew into a full-time occupation, after he met Christian Farioli, an eclectic Italian with a nose for business and an understanding of the power of the internet.

Christian Farioli is a typically easy-going Italian, with a creative flair and a love of technology. He comes from an Italian village near the bustling City of Milan, which is where the Alfa-Romeo brand comes from too. By the age of twelve in 1991 he already had his own computer, on which he built the first three-dimensional Turbo Pascal editor based on algebraic calculations.

By age twenty-five Christian had graduated as an IT engineer and been awarded the Microsoft Internet Terrarium Competition for his ground-breaking work done on artificial intelligence. But Christian was beginning to realize that his career lay in sales and marketing, where he could blend his technical brilliance and his courteous Italian charm. With a successful career in Oracle and a Master’s Degree in International Business Studies behind him, Christian was ready for the challenges that only Dubai offers.

His astute technical insights and his growing vision of the power of internet marketing have made him a naturally motivating speaker in high demand everywhere he goes. For pleasure and for what passes for relaxation in Christian’s busy mind though, he is never happier than when working with Nizar to save Dubai’s classic cars for future generations.

Hopes like this of saving classic cars in UAE often only come to full fruition in the company of a kindred spirit with a common vision. Christian Farioli met Nizar Madani in a scrapyard where the owners were crushing classic cars Dubai residents had turned in as scrap. They formed a common vision instantly. The result is this website that you are visiting today. And we say welcome. Welcome to our dream of saving all the classic cars everywhere for succeeding generations.

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