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The World of Classic Cars Enthusiasts remembering "The Good Old Days".

We have a passion for classic cars. Dubai residents are investing in older cars in increasing numbers, as they discover the pleasures of driving around in something scarce. Isn’t it time you joined the other owners of classic cars in UAE who are enjoying the pleasures of their truly great investments?

We sell classic cars in Dubai to all kinds of discerning buyers. These include young businessmen who appreciate the status of the classic cars Dubai recognises, and more mature investors who buy classic cars in UAE and ship them home. Let’s help preserve these precious memories from bygone ages when they built cars to last.

Why Buy Classic Cars in UAE From Us?

We are passionate about our business and have a mission to help preserve the classic cars Dubai has not yet scrapped. And we have years of experience restoring classic cars in Dubai too, and understand what makes a potentially good investment, and equally importantly, what does not.

Speak to us first if you have a classic car in UAE anywhere you want to sell no matter the condition. We have buyers for classic cars in Dubai with all kinds of interests, and we specialize in classic car Dubai deals.

The Pleasures of Driving the Classic Cars Dubai Envies

Anybody with money can buy the latest Lamborghini or Ferrari, but that’s not the same as owning a classic car in Dubai that’s a unique original. It doesn’t always have to be a 1920’s Roller either. In fact, pound for pound a Mini Cooper S that’s in original condition can sometimes become as good an investment among classic cars in UAE.

Imagine how great it could be to cruise the streets in a classic car! Dubai residents will stop, stare and go green with envy. You’ll be the star wherever you drive our classic cars in UAE and in any other country too. Why delay further? Our classic cars in Dubai compare with the world’s best anywhere. Why not combine your purchase with a stay in a luxury Dubai hotel?

Chevrolet Corvette 1972 Bryar Blue

16 Mar 2015     

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Mercedes Benz 1966 230SL Automatic

17 Dec 2014     

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Jaguar XKE 1974 White

17 Dec 2014     

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Ford Thunder Bird 1956 Pink

17 Sep 2014     

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Chevrolet Corvette C1 1960 Red

11 Aug 2014     

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